Who knows if these parodies might have helped Zero Dark
in the Oscar race? (Could they have hurt more than the controversy about torture?) Laughing about the subject probably wasn’t
in anybody’s awards strategy, but these two very funny videos reveal how firmly
the film has pervaded the cultural conversation.

Jimmy Kimmel Live has an expertly light way of tweaking
Hollywood inanities. Here’s a trailer for Zero Dark Thirty, recut to suggest it’s
a romantic comedy about a woman pursuing her man. Tag line: “Sometimes it’s
good to be a little Abbota-bad.”


And comic Chelsea Davison does a hilarious impression of
Lena Dunham as Hannah in Girls, auditioning for the Jessica Chastain role. What’s
funniest here is Davison’s perfect appropriation of Dunham’s lilting delivery,
as if every statement is a question, and her character’s utter self-absorption.


I still say the film did not condone torture, and wish the
backlash hadn’t derailed its Oscar chances, but watch Kathryn Bigelow
defend Zero Dark Thirty herself on The Colbert

By Caryn James