Sonic Mayhem's Doomsday

Sometimes I come across something so insane and awesome and intriguing on a Friday afternoon, that’s it irresistible, and I have to post about it—despite knowing it’ll elicit a divisive response. This short film, I guess I could call it, is more of a music video teaser for an EP by musician Sonic Mayhem. The sound is called “electronic punk” and the film features some sort of crazy ass industrial machines going crazy in some industrial place. It’s kind of awesome. It was created by Isaac J. Rosenthal, also known as Zyclotron. I can’t say much else besides, you have to fire this up and see if you like it or hate it or think it’s awesome, too.

Here’s the info straight from the website: From the creator of scores such as Quake II, Quake 3 Arena, Mass Effect series, Tron Evolution and many others comes an EP unlike anything else. The first release in part of the Singularity cycle, called “Doomsday” will bring you to a new kind of electronic punk movement. Join the Resistance! If you enjoyed this, they made a behind-the-scenes video as well, and you can check out sonicmayhem for more. Love it or hate it, I love coming across strikingly unique work like this, and felt it deserved a little extra attention. Plus, that was pretty cool to watch. What do you think?

By Alex Billington