Ruin by Wes Ball

Gotta love a little sci-fi like this to end the week. Our friends at SlashFilm found a short film, viewable in full on Vimeo, called Ruin, directed by Wes Ball, a graphics designer who has been working on this for the last two years. Reminiscent of some of those other great sci-fi shorts of past we’ve featured, this has an I Am Legend meets Terminator (with all the motorcycle-chasin’) feel, but in the style of a CG cut scene, though there is some incredible animation in it. Ball does some great work here and it’s a fun short, just an excellent action-chase set “way in the future in a green post-apocalyptic universe.” I highly recommend watching.

Described on the Vimeo page simply as: “Ruin – An animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe.” Thanks again to SlashFilm for finding this. They explain that Ball has been “working in Hollywood for 8 years doing graphic work for HBO and DVD/Blu-ray featurettes”, is a graduate of Florida State University, Tallahasse, and has directed an award winning short called A Work in Progress (seen here). Described as his “passion project”, Ball has been working off and on Ruin for the last two years at Oddball Animation. You can also find a full behind-the-scenes and look at the concept on their website:

By Alex Billington