Claudio Miranda Oscars - H 2013Gettty Images

Claudio Miranda, who won a trophy on Sunday night, said that “I would hope that we could really support our effects companies, so we’re not just riding the hairy edge of profit.”

Life of Pi cinematography Oscar winner Claudio Miranda was surprised that he beat Roger Deakins, despite the Skyfall dp's 10 Oscar nominations (with no wins). "I was caught off guard," said Miranda backstage immediately after accepting the award. "I did think Roger was probably next in line, and I thought he would have gotten it." On the other hand, he added, "I did get the BAFTA so i guess there's always a little chance it's possible."

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Initially apprehensive about Life of Pi, Miranda was also surprised by how big the film loomed. "I really thought this movie was going to be smaller than it was and it just wasn't. We were given a lot of help from the studio. This movie I was really supported on."

Miranda also joined the chorus of voices that erupted on Twitter over the travails of the visual effects houses, like Pi's bankruptcy-troubled Rhythm and Hues, which contribute so much to modern film, especially 3D extravaganzas like Pi. "It is really hard," he said. "I worked also with Digital Domain, going through hard times as well, I worked with them on Benjamin Button [for which Miranda earned an Oscar nomination]. I would hope that we could really support our effects companies, so we're not just riding the hairy edge of profit. These guys did an amazing job, that tiger looked amazing. I really think we should support these people if we can."

By Tim Appelo