Naomi Watts is busy again after a few years of staying under the radar. Yes, she took some time off, after some films that didn't turn out as well as she'd like. Her upcoming roles suggest that she's insisting on quality. Watts earned one Oscar nomination for Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's 2004 "21 Grams" (that year Charlize Theron won for "Monster) and her intensely dramatic role as a woman fighting for survival in "The Impossible" just may be number two.

Director Juan Antonio Bayona's film is based on the true story of a family that survived the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. Watts also stars in Oliver Hirschbiegel's currently filming Princess Diana biopic "Diana," as well as Laurie Collyer's "Sunlight, Jr." and Anne Fontaine's "Two Mothers," which are both in post. And she is set to play Gertrude Bell opposite Robert Pattinson's T. E. Lawrence in Werner Herzog's upcoming "Queen of the Desert."

In our interview below, we discuss some of Watts' favorite films ("Mulholland Drive," "21 Grams," "The Painted Veil," "King Kong") and "Ellie Parker," in which she relied on her own experience as a woman struggling for an acting career in Hollywood. She's not struggling anymore.

We also talk to Watts' "Impossible" co-star Ewan McGregor here and assess the best actress race here.


Naomi Watts talks 'The Impossible,' 'Diana' 'Mulholland Dr.' & More – Part 2

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