True Skin Sci-Fi Short

“Something wonderful…” Give this one a shot, some of you may like it, some of you may not, but I thought it looked pretty damn cool. I was browsing through Behance yesterday and stumbled across this rather vibrant, flashy but impressive sci-fi short film called True Skin. Not much is known about it, except that it’s made by a guy named “H1” Chung (his website), part of a production group called N1ON (their website). The futuristic short shows some kind of world, set in Bangkok, where digital self-alterations rule, and looks very colorful. Only other detail is that it’s “Coming Soon (Summer 2012)” – we’ll be on the lookout. Enjoy!

The video was found on Behance from H1′s Vimeo, but I can’t find any other details about it. H1 is a cinematographer who works for N1ON, based out of Rockville, Maryland. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this and the full feature, or short, or web series, or whatever it is. I love the sci-fi world, looks great and doesn’t look too out of place, almost like Scott Pilgrim meets Blade Runner. Coming Summer 2012!

By Alex Billington