Soon every home will have a robot helper. Don’t worry. It’s perfectly safe. Do you guys remember seeing that awesome teaser trailer for that rather creepy looking short called Blinky? The one with the eerie Android robot look-alike. The short stars Max Records from Where The Wild Things Are and is written & directed by Ruairi Robinson, the Irish filmmaker who almost directed Akira then did a short titled The Silent City. Well thanks to a hot tip by Quiet Earth, the entire Blinky™ short can be viewed below, as it was uploaded on Vimeo. It’s as crazy/sick/twisted/brilliant/awesome as you’re expecting, so have fun and put the kids away!

Watch Ruairi Robinson’s full-length short film Blinky™:

Blinky™ is the creation of Irish filmmaker Ruairi Robinson, an up-and-coming director with a few shorts in his filmography, including the Oscar nominated Fifty Percent Grey. Robinson wrote and directed this as his feature debut. Early on he was attached to Warner Bros’ live-action Akira, but I think they wanted someone with a bit more experience, so Robinson focused on a smaller film as his first feature. This was shot mostly in/around Los Angeles and was finished filming last year. You can find more info about this on Robinson’s official website or get more updates from his Twitter. Hope you guys enjoyed watching that! Thoughts?

By Alex Billington